Saturday, 18 May 2019

A bit of a catch up part one

I prepared this post in full, saved it, and Blogger lost it and it has been a few days before I have been able to sit and actually re-write it.

Real life got in the way again which it seems to be doing a little too much at the  moment!  However the unit is nearly empty.  I cannot say the same for the house but that is also a work in progress as it were.  Hopefully I will not disappear down the rabbit warren again but I still have a lot of sorting out to do.

My 60th birthday was on Friday 3 May.  It was a lovely quiet and peaceful day and I met up with friends. However things went slightly awry.

I had planned on cooking mussels in cider with garlic served simply with sourdough bread and butter and then had decided would have a cake or a gateau style cake to finish off.  Nothing too much - I did not want loads to eat just wanted something tasty and nice.  So off I goes to Waitrose - problem number one no netted mussels.  OH not keen on the pre-prepared version so back to the drawing board.  I still had not made up my mind what I wanted for tea.

I had really wanted to have a vintage style tea party with a few of my friends.  There is a little vintage tea room in Stamford that we found the other day but there is another one local to us.  I had envisaged treating my friends. However that fell by the way side also.  

What triggered this off was that I had seen a cake in M & S which I absolutely fell in love with but which I could not qualify paying £15 for.  

If you remember last Christmas on Facebook there was a surge of different icing nozzles being marketed which created different effects.  I bought some of these - they are currently in a safe place (I don't know where) hiding from me so I could not use those.  These nozzles give the exact effects of the cake in M & S and as I know it is only down to nozzles and different coloured icing I was blowed if I was going to pay £15.  Sorry it is the tight wad in me protesting.  

As I have said though it is very much a beautiful cake.  A simple Victoria Sandwich with beautiful decoration.  If I could have found my nozzles I would have made it.

In the end, I settled for a £5 passion fruit and cream sponge also courtesy from M & S and it was gorgeous.  Not as pretty but very tasty.

However I did have a lovely peaceful day; I met a good friend, had met other friends earlier in the week, received lots of good wishes and received some lovely pressies.

In the end what did I have to eat.  Kentucky fried chicken courtesy of OH.  So at least I ate!

More to follow in a separate post as this has got a little longer than intended.

Catch you soon.



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