Friday, 6 February 2009

And Snow on

Oh what a day. Yesterday was bad enough. We had no snow overnight and we were up early again as snow had been forecast, but got into work for usual time with no problems like there were yesterday. We had all been asked to either ring into the office to access a voicemail message or alternatively log in on email before going into work to see if the office was going to be open. It was, so everyone who could turned out, including a few who had come quite a distance

I had just got into the office and the snow came down and down and just did not stop. Lots of schools were closed locally, some people didn’t come in because they had young ones to look after and others had to go half way through the morning because nurseries and schools that had opened had then decided to close their doors. The road had been clear on arrival and there was little snow on the ground in the car parks, but this snow was settling and wasn’t stopping for anything. Cars were getting stuck on the slope into our car parks and equally spinning and nearly causing accidents on the parkway on the way out. A couple of times the chaps had to turn out to assist those drivers experiencing problems, with their cars spinning and slipping all over the place and we received reports that the Police had intervened and stopped the buses running for a while; an ambulance went by in a hurry. And still it snowed.

Those who had the furthest to go went about 11.00 a.m. as there was a weather warning out for the county. The rest of us had been expecting to follow but Management reckoned that it was going to rain around lunch time and they would review the matter again then. And still it snowed.

The sky was that funny opalescent colour, so thick you could feasibly touch and feel it and there was no let up, it was thick-constant snow, a proper blizzard, and we watched out of the big picture windows in the office, wondering if it would go on or whether as Management had anticipated it would rain or not. We were all anxious about reaching home safely.

We carried on working getting things done or as much of as we could. Dinner time came and went, and still we hadn’t heard anything from the Management and it was still snowing so instead of going out like I normally do at lunch time I stopped in the office and surfed the net (we are allowed to do so in our own time) and although it was severe here, others down in the West Country in particular were having an even harder time of it with heavy snow, villages being cut off and power cuts. I do hope that this was temporary and that they are now able to keep themselves warm and get where they need to be.

Lunch came and went another message came up on the email indicating that Management would review the position a little later on. And still it snowed – no rain just constant snow. It then steadied up a little later on and then things started to cool down a little and we received a note telling us that they would be closing the office at normal time, which should allow us time to get home before it started freezing at 5.30 p.m. (now I am a little puzzled as weather never usually happens to a schedule it usually happens in its own time). About half an hour later we got another email indicating that they would close the office at 5.00 p.m. (15 minutes early) to allow us all to get home safely.

Phew we got there in the end.

As we were leaving work there was the most beautiful red sunset in the sky, it was quite cheery and bright and signified the page break between day and night. We will have to see what joys we have to face

We have had tea, home made chips and fried chicken with bread and butter which was quite tasty.

The sky is now inky black with twinkles of light where the stars are. It is bitterly cold and they reckon the temperature will dip to minus 4 degrees tonight.

Rest assured that we are having a proper winter this year and it reminds me of the winters of my childhood, bitterly cold and seemingly never ending, where we were wrapped up warm in many layers and fed stomach filling foods like suet puddings and stews with dumplings to keep the cold away.

And more cold weather is predicted for the rest of the month. We shall just have to wait and see and deal with each day as it comes.

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