Wednesday, 4 February 2009

As a result of Decluttering........

I am in the process of a major de-clutter at home at present; a major job in itself as for many years I have bought bits and bobs for a house I haven’t yet acquired only dreamed of many of them new, many of them practical. I have also inherited family bits and bobs which hold a special memory or have a special story attached to them and although not worth very much their connection to my loved ones is a precious memory/memories and one I do not wish to lose as they tell me where I am from and help ground me in this hurly burly world of ours

A lot of items I drag out from time to time and which are very useful especially for preserving and also winemaking and baking so they do get used; but I only have a tiny kitchen with not much storage and I absolutely adore cooking and preserving.

I have arranged storage locally and am slowly working through everything and making an inventory of those bits and bobs I intend to keep and also hopefully it will give me some idea of whether or not we have enough household contents insurance and I will know where to find certain items as all the boxes are coded. Those items I do not see a need for will be winging their way to a local charity shop which will help out those less fortunate than myself. I am by nature a hoarder a busy squirrel who always puts up stuff for a rainy day when the opportunity arises although this is mostly food items.

I think the declutter will help breathe fresh energy and opportunity in to what otherwise was something going nowhere i.e. a stagnant situation It is also me ready to admit and start sorting through certain situations and emotional uncertainties and my insecurities – trouble is to tell the truth I do not like change; I know change is good but I feel safer with my feet firmly plonked on the ground – I never did like heights! There always has to be a safety net.

As a result of this declutter, I am hoping to be able to start my Reiki again and to turn the small bedroom into a treatment room dedicated to this use. Its early days yet but that is my intent it would also be nice to have a room where I can go meditate in peace and quiet without the television constantly blaring.

I am also hoping that this will help unblock my creative vent and that I can unleash that and turn it into something very positive. I have all these ideas but I don’t seem to have enough time either to create them or to do them although I do what I can

The larger room I want to turn into a guest room/study cum craft room. It would be nice to have people to stay again and to be able to offer simple hospitality especially those friends who live away of which there are quite a few.

I have a dream and I want to start working towards it before it is too late for me. I am 50 years old in May – no longer a child and as they say life is not a rehearsal and I still have a lot of living to do. I want the dream, the cottage in the countryside with the roses round the door and the land to be able to grow my own veg and to keep some livestock; I would also like a small orchard, somewhere where there are hedgerows. I have put in my cosmic order – now we will just have to wait and see – for now I have the dream to spur me on even though I appreciate that it may take some time. We shall just have to wait and see.

In the meantime I am going to square the garden up and grow some veg to help supplement the housekeeping. It will be good practice for when I get where I want to be.

It will be interesting to come back say in a few months time to see if I have managed to accomplish anything or whether this is just pipe dreams, but I am very focused and know that at the end of the day its down to me to make my dreams come true.

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