Friday, 20 February 2009

Incapacitated Brother

My baby brother had to go into hospital yesterday for a day operation under general anaesthesia at our local hospital as he had a torn cartilege in his knee. He had a similar operation a couple of years ago; that was straightforward and done and he was back home in a day but had to rest up for a few days thereafter. He expected the same to happen yesterday but unfortunately because he was last on the list and still very groggy had to stay in overnight. Bet he was happy; anyway they have let him loose and he is home today but apparently he has spent the best part of it asleep!As it is half term my two wonderful nephews are on half term so he will have company for the rest of the week. Take care dear bruvver and I do hope you feel more comfortable soon. Perhaps I should call him hop along Cassidy!

Big Sis


  1. tricia i love your picture on the side of your blog, you look so warm, gentle, kind and loving. (which i know you are) lovely :o) and nice to see you :o)

  2. Its a rare one Nita I tend to like being behind a camera but am not keen on having my photo taken. My Dad's hobby was photography and I think he over-exposed me as a child always clicking away with his camera. Mind you he had me doing my own developing etc under his tuition from about the age of 8! Happy days

  3. Best wishes for your Brother, PP

    Kim x


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