Sunday, 1 February 2009

Its 1st February - 4 weeks into the New Year and its my partner’s birthday. Many happy returns Geoff.

Its been a bitterly cold day here today and we have had several flurries of snow throughout the day but so far none of it has landed, although it is forecast for later. However, we shall have to wait and see as we are quite low lying round here and the surrounding villages tend to get cut off - but not the town.

Well its been a busy day It started with me over-sleeping have been very tired the past few days and I suppose it kinda caught up with me and then housework tidying up, hoovering, doing the washing and getting it dry by whizzing it around in the tumble drier.

My mum has been and spent the day with us. Yesterday I made home mad Cornish Pasties and made the pastry myself in the Magimix. I was quite pleased it was the first attempt and everything has come out well. We had them for a snack just after mum arrived. She thought that they were quite tasty. The intention is to make a load and freeze them so that can just literally grab them and get a quick meal for sometime in the week.

OH then took mum out to Farm Foods. We only have a two seater van and mum doesn't get out very much these days. She couldn’t get over how cheap everything was and had managed to get hold of something she had been looking everywhere for and hadn’t been able to find so she was extremely well chuffed. If you haven’t yet been to a Farm Foods shop it is well worth going as prices are more than reasonable. It is not just the frozen stuff that is a good price and quality it is also the other bits that they sell quite cheaply as well. OH is going to take her when she comes for the day again.

Well we have had a lovely dinner this afternoon Roast Beef with a mustard crust on a bed of onion, carrot and celery with a drop of water and a foil lid (I then turn the veg into the gravy; home made cauliflower cheese, broccoli, carrots, roast potatoes, roast sweet potato and parsnip, cabbage, swede and carrot crush, Yorkshire pudding and gravy and then profiteroles and cream for afters together with birthday cake that my mum had made for OH and it was absolutely scrummy.

Its been lovely to have mum here and we have had a pleasant afternoon talking about food and mum reminiscing about her great aunt on her father’s side of the family. Apparently they always kept a pig - which I hadn’t known until today and mum recalled the bacon and hams being stored in the kitchen hung up when she used to visit as a child. Every so often a little bit more information comes out and it is another part of the big jigsaw relating to mum’s side of the family.

I just wish mum would come more – I don’t like her being on her own unnecessarily. I always cook plenty on a Sunday as we always have any leftovers for Monday night tea. I cook extra veggies and then together with the left over meat I put in the microwave for tea and it makes a quick meal and then I am able to get on with something else like the ironing pile!

The cats are all in - the dining room currently looks like a retirement home for lazy mogs – they are all curled up on their beds sprawled out and extremely comfortable thank you very much - I am just waiting for them to start clamouring for food. Because it is cold I fed them early today - so no doubt come normal feeding time their tummy clocks will have forgotten that they have already been fed.

Well am going to watch some television and perhaps do a bit of crotcheting.

If I had a log fire I would surely be curled up in front of it – keeping warm. As a child I used to curl up on the rug in front of the fire and read or just lay there in the dark with the heat from the leaping flames. One day I will get my fire.

Take care wherever you are - especially with all this cold weather and snow about.

Don’t forget to leave some bread and water out for the birds

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