Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Well we had snow on Sunday/Monday earlier this week but by Tuesday it had more or less all gone and there certainly wasn't any when I went to bed last night (early hours but by 6.00 a.m we certainly had a lot of the white stuff. It had been forecast, but we are talking about Peterborough here. Peterborough is very low lying compared to all the villages around us and we tend to miss any severe weather and in the past everyone surrounding Peterborough have experienced problems - but this time we seem to have copped for it big time.

We were woken by the cat at about 7 p.m. as he wanted out; so off he went. He has places to go and people to see and doesn’t like being put out of his routine. He has the option of staying in here, and can come in at any time he pleases, but he usually camps out with the people who run our local veg shop, sleeping under their counter next to a heater. He usually gets chucked out of there at about 5.00 p.m. He also gets very grouchy if things aren't quite how he thinks they should be. I am owner of a grumpy old cat. The veg shop owners however didn't make it in today. If he is not there he is camped out with the young couple in the flat above the veg shop. They were convinced that he was a stray and wasn't being fed, but they have since found out he is a very good con artist.

Everything was strangely quiet first thing this morning, normally we hear any traffic that is outside, but it seemed unusually quiet this morning - we just thought that there was no traffic about. Big shock when I poked my nose out of the window - traffic was nose to tail outside the house. I had forgotten about the double glazing – it is certainly making a difference.

OH came downstairs made a cuppa and I got my breakfast next thing I knew he was stomping up the stairs. He couldn’t get a signal to the satellite - so he went up to dust the dish down – men and their televisions and remote controls.

When I eventually went outside at about 8.00 a.m. It looked ever so strange as there was about five to six inches of snow sitting on the fence and the washing line was about 10 times thicker than it normally is. The dustbins even had Russian style hats all white and fuffy.I had gone out to put some bread out for the birds on one of the lower roofs so that some of the local wildlife could find something to eat. Its safer to feed them on the roof as the cats cannot get at them easily.

Well I went to work this morning; I only live about a mile away from where I live but it took us over 40 minutes to get to work and it took OH 50 odd minutes to get back home. Some of my colleagues who live in the outlying villages had been on the road for about two hours or so. One of the girls who lived Ely way had managed to get in as well. There weren’t many of us who made it in. Local buses had been cancelled, a lorry had got stuck on a slope leading up to a bridge, only one lane of the parkway was open so it was rather slow going; but for a change people were being sensible. We were sent home from work early at 1.00 p.m. due to the poor weather conditions; OH said he would walk to meet me. In any event he collected me, in the van, which was very handy as the stitching on the inside of my new flat boots had caused a blister. Ouch – me and new shoes or boots.

More snow is forecast for tonight/tomorrow but the roads are a mess and will be dangerously so if it freezes as it is forecast to do. Many of the side roads haven't been cleared and this morning Police were out doing traffic control on one of the main roads into town. A couple of bridges were also closed because vehicles were not able to go up the slopes leading to them. Also only one lane was open in many places on the parkway. They are forecasting another 20cm of snow if not later today tomorrow.

Anyway I have had a lovely tea, a nice stew cooked in the slow cooker served with mashed potatoes. Then pancackes, strawberries and cream for pudding.

I have all the cats present and correct although Tyson didn’t think much to the snow as he came gingerly walking up the street and tried to avoid as much snow as he could flicking his paws with every step. They have all been fed. Tyson is now curled up on his blanket on the bed and the others are all fast asleep in the other room.

It is bitterly cold again outside and freezing. The sky looks full of snow, that funny light not quite grey not quite white. I think we will be in for a skiing session or two in the morning. Given all the circumstances, many of us who live in the towns are probably faring better than those living in the villages at the moment; some villages have been cut off although in all honesty I would rather be in a small village as the community spirit seems to be far more prevalent than that of the city. As the saying goes you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

Its a shame we didn't have the snow for Christmas. Oh well better get the boots ready for tomorrow.

Take care everyone

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