Thursday, 12 February 2009

Peace and Quiet

Every so often I need time for me to recharge my batteries, to mull over things that have happened and to get them straight in my head. When I was a little girl I was the same and my Dad used to spend hours talking to me (and I mean hours) and help me put things into perspective, by discussing all options and deciding on the best option to take. I used to use my Dad as a sounding board and he used to do the same with me. We were extremely close; so close that often we could finish off each other's sentences. It used to drive my dear mum up the wall at times.

Last year, unexpectedly we lost Dad - I miss him dreadfully and it is as though my right arm has been amputated as I no longer have my sounding board - and I know my dear mum is missing him greatly. My father was the life and soul of the party; very cheeky very amiable and very easy going - most people got on well with him.

I love peace and quiet, (as did my Dad) and I gain much pleasure from being out and about for a walk in the countryside you can really be at one with yourself just with a change of scenery or by going somewhere different as it really takes you out of yourself - to lose and hide yourself and just take time out from the monotony or otherwise of every day living.

Be kind to yourselves at such times - even if it means walking the dog a little more regularly than usual or just walking on your own - getting away from the noise and hub-bub of every day living is calming and balm for the soul. We are all under different stresses and each person reacts very differently to situations that arise - sometimes people cope admiarably at others not so well.

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