Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Pleased to Meet you

Hello I am Tyson the difficult one - the one that treads his own path and professes not to like fuss (only under my own terms) I like things how I like them, but the best part of the day for me is to cuddle down on my mum's bed on my own fleecy blanket and just flop. I visit the Greengrocers every day - they make a lot of fuss of me and I curl up under the counter and sleep - as long as Caroline has the heater on. When they close I go upstairs to the young couple who live in the flat above. They thought I was a stray and were feeding me and letting me stay in there. Mum was pulling her hair out because suddenly I wasn't coming in of a night. She hates us cats being out overnight as she has lost two lovely ones this way.

Anyway I am going to catch up on some sleep my blanket is waiting for me.


  1. Well, isn't Tyson handsome (hope Tyson is a male!). I looked for another form to contact you, but only found this, maybe I didn't look hard enough(?). Anyhow, I am a follower of your blog. I found what you said in a few blogs very similar to my own feelings about things, life, etc. It's nice to meet you, Pattypan :)

  2. Hello Elizabeth - Yes Tyson is very much a male and boy don't we know it when he gets a monk on! ( a mardy) he lets his feelings or displeasure be known. Of all the cats I have had he is the one that carries on an argument - I know he looks angelic, but he is good fun as well. I am pleased you are enjoying my posts, it comes from the heart. Nice to meet you too Elizabeth. Please feel free to comment - its nice to have feedback.

    Take care


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