Saturday, 14 March 2009

2009.03.14 Angel Card for the Day - Transformation

In case you don't know what these are they are a small card with a word on which is meant to inspire/enthuse/encourage people as they pass from day to day. There is a whole pack of cards and they are mixed up and then the person draws a single card; sometimes they cling to each other and you end up with drawing more than one; but that is meant and you should therefore read both.

I draw an Angel card every day just before I get up; I keep them on my bedside table.

How you interpret the words is up to you as no two people will necessarily interpret them exactly the same.

I picked mine today and the word I drew said simply "Transformation".

My immediate thought was of the Ugly Duckling that turned into a swan. Irrational but something that has a happy ending and speaks of good times to come. Or the Chrysalis that turns into the butterfly. The promise of rebirth, growth and positivity and freedom to choose.

Transformation an unusual word but a positive one. It means a journey metaphorically speaking from one place to another. It indicates simply where I am at the moment. We all have to change to move on otherwise we become stuck in a rut;and that is not good and sometimes for periods of time no matter what we do nothing seems to budge.

I have been learning new things and trying to put them into practice but sometimes the opportunities do not present themselves for whatever the reason. Sometimes this is because the situation is not right or you are not ready but as one door closes another one always opens and will probably be better in the long run.

For a long time now I have been in a position where it doesn't matter what I do nothing seems to move and go forward and everything has gone wrong and you think Why me - not again but then rationally speaking Why not me as it gives me yet another experience to fill another page in the book of life. I have been a tad despondent at times and not at all rational if the black fog descends. But I try to think of my glass as half full rather than being half empty as it puts a much more positive light on the situation.

In the past few weeks there has been slight movement with various things nothing substantial or specific but they are there. So something is happening although very subtle. For example I have been and am being given the opportunity to practice my Reiki and help people help themselves.

I have had to learn new computer skills to get to grips with this blog and I have been working at it with the assistance of other valued friends and bloggers in bite sized chunks a little bit at a time. I am communicating on paper and writing from my heart and communicating my thoughts and feelings down on paper rather than holding them in me and isolating myself.

My confidante was my father I used to tell him everything and I don't find it easy to talk to people with what is really bothering me - I am expert at skirting round it but my Dad used to know and go right to the crux of the problem. I miss him greatly however life goes on and he would want me to get on with things. He would not want me to be morbid.

I am hoping that my thoughts and feelings may help one of life's other travellers along life's long journey and helps transform their life and gives them "a light bulb moment" and makes their life more rewarding as a result. We all have something to give sometimes its just the finding of it that is the problem.

I am hoping my transformation takes me to where I need to be, although I have no set idea of what this is but I have an idea of where I would like it to be; we shall have to see where things take me but I intend to enjoy the journey as often that is the important bit not the destination.

What does the word transformation mean to you I would love to hear.

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