Saturday, 28 March 2009

Boiler Trouble Pattypan style

Last night because it was cold I decided to go and top up on the credit for the gas and the electricity as I didn't want the boiler to go out. So off I tottled got my credit put on. Then the fun began. Now basically although I am an engineers daughter until I find my own way round things I tend to be a bit cack-handed. I Inserted the card pressed the buttons and something didn't quite go to plan because it turned the gas off. The boiler consequently went out; OH had warned me about this before he left for his fishing trip but obviously didn't expect anything to happen - he should have known better with me in tow.

Being full of cold still, glasses perched on my head, torch uplighting the boiler (it is in the bottom of an old chimney breast in the kitchen so is virtually on the floor) me laid on the floor with sciatica in my right leg, trying to light the boiler with and as per OH's instructions my kitchen gas blow torch. I am on the phone as well so it was all a bit precarious, muggins here doing as am told and the blow lamp ran out of gas and I couldn't find the refill Talk about comedy of errors.

Now tempers were getting a little heated at this point. He then told me to light a candle and try and light the nozzle place where it should ignite (I should express that the ignition needs replacing and the boiler men are coming soon - I think they will condemn the damn thing hopefully). I wasn't keen on messing around but OH seemed to think everything was okay and I would be able to achieve the lighting of the boiler. Now then friends this is me you are dealing with. Needless to say I was a complete and abject failure at lighting the boiler. I do choose my times - today has been bitterly cold we have had about four massive hail showers, a massive thunderstorm loads of rain and it is now freezing outside.

Don't panic I am not cold I am wrapped up in a thick jumper and have a small electric heater I can use. And when I go to bed later I will be as warm as toast under the thick quilts I have on the bed and if I get cold there are always further quilts or blankets I can put on.

Have been shopping today for food and veggies bought a load back and tried to get a net of English Onions from the veg shop. They have sold out - as a matter of note I was told that it would be New Zealand Onions that would be coming in which were large like the Spanish ones but they had been told that they would be about £10 per net. Gulp. How true that is I don't know, will see what happens but veg seemed to be dearer at the shop today compared to what it usually is and even dearer at the Supermarket. Its getting ridiculous. Think that veg garden is going to be put into full swing quicker than anticipated. Mind you I did get some plums and pears reduced as well as some limes and some grapefruit 5 for £1 and some apples so not too bad on fruit; thought that would bottle the pears in syrup and do some apple pasties for the freezer. White flowering broccoli had gone up dramatically this week to £2.50 a kg. I did buy some and it is safely now in the freezer. I have a load of carrots, some broccoli, parsnips and mashed potato to do for the freezer. I would like to get hold of some more swede as want to do some more carrot and swede crush for the freezer

I have been in the kitchen cooking - making some home made roast vegetable soup with what was left of last weeks veggies, and making some stock from a ham bone I had left over from last week. The ham that was left on the bone is going into a quiche tomorrow when I do the baking. I have also prepared 5 tubs of white flowering broccoli for the freezer, as well as got a load of washing done and getting it dry in the tumbler and doing a pile of washing up. So I have had quite a productive evening.

OH returns tomorrow - first thing he has to do is light the boiler - I think I had better watch what he does so that if it happens again I know what to do.

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