Monday, 3 January 2011


Its a New Year and a fresh page in the book of life, so time to start to get into a fresh routine and in to the habit of eating breakfast (that is if you don't already).  I do 

This is the one meal of the day you should really not miss - it literally is the meal to break the fast. Also after not eating for so many hours our blood sugar dips,  and we are in effect not firing on all pistons - and believe it or not that is when most car accidents happen - early in the morning. With me, it has been when I have historically been prone to epileptic attacks and that is why I am careful about always eating first thing in a morning.  Eating breakfast when you are on medication also gives a lining to your stomach so that the medication can work properly so it eases itself into your system gently.

What do you and your family eat for breakfast just cereal or something more exotic like a fresh fruit salad with Croissants and preserves to follow or a slice of melon with ginger, or a handful of raspberries just sprinkled over regular cereal. When I used to grow raspberries in the garden there was noithing nicer than walking down the garden first thing and picking a handful of berries and then popping them straight on to my cereal.  It tasted really good too.

Blueberry Muffins or any other flavoured muffin served with yoghurt are very filling, Or Muesli with yoghurt sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds on top. Or a couple of slices of home made bread, toasted and buttered then with home made jam or honey on top. 

In this cold weather I have been having a bowl of porridge  before going to work, makes me feel full so don't want to pick in between meals and also warms me up.  When the weather gets warmer I make my own .home made muesli  or granola.  Very tasty.  It doesn't matter what we eat as long as we enjoy it and as long as we eat and we break the fast. Too many people skip this - our "boilers" need to be regularly stoked up and fed otherwise our systems go into overdrive. Little and often is the best policy, breakfast is good for you don't skip it.

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