Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Busy Times

Hello everyone


Had a very busy day yesterday as was first day back at work after having time off with this orrible cold that still keeps lurking with intent. Had to work part of my lunch hour as I needed to leave the office at 5.00 p.m. (we normally leave at 5.15 p.m) in order for me to get home, grab a bite to eat and then be out for 5.30 p.m. when I was picked up by my friend Jackie.

Jackie, I, and 3 others were involved in a Mediumship evening which was held in a fish restaurant in Market Deeping (my friends were giving readings and I was giving taster sessions of Reiki to those wanting to know a little more). It was quite a good evening and the Reiki seemed to go down very well and I met some very nice people to boot. It was very busy I dealt with about 12 people giving 10 to 15 minutes healing at a time. It seemed to be a very successful evening all round. I enjoyed it as did my partners in crime, but I slept very well.

When I got home OH seems to have started with the cold that I had last week whilst he was away fishing.


Its been very busy at work as it has been our year end today so everybody has been extremely busy this past week or more with billing etc.

New Financial Year starts tomorrow.

It has also been the boss' 40th birthday so we have all been out to an Italian Restaurant for lunch which was quite splending. Trouble is we had a little vino and really didn't want to go back to the office. But it was very pleasant.

I am also out tomorrow evening as I have the Psychic & Spiratual Fellowship group monthly meeting to go to. This is the baby of my friend Jacqueline Lesley, Spiratualist and Medium. There was really nowhere in Peterborough that accommodated this specific interest, so Jackie formed her own group and we meet every month. Presentations are given by well known mediums or by Jackie and sometimes the Trainee Mediums give demonstrations too. Its a win win situation; those interested in spiratualism and anything to do with this subject come and learn about different aspects of this very varied subject; a small entrance fee is charged on the door for hire of the hall and fees of Speakers. The rest of us give our time for free, but any funds that are raised go to local good causes. Please have a look at Jacqueline's website at for further details. Jackie regularly runs training workshops for anyone interested in finding out more about the work and the group in general. Jackie is an excellent teacher and a lovely person all round. I used to run the kitchen - I still do all the sorting out of biscuits and milk etc. but I am now needed in the main room to give Reiki to those that need it. A contribution is asked for but this goes into the pot to raise funds to give to good causes.

Anyway must dash - just realised what day it is tomorrow and need to get some more things organised for the blog - I will get myself sorted.

Wherever you are take care and remember you are never alone if you have a computer.

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