Sunday, 22 March 2009

Erhmmm and Happy Mother's Day

I promised that I would be back on line last night but technology seems to have got in the way.

First of all the camera failed yesterday.

Second we had a power cut and the heating didn't come on when it should have done.

Third, My computer received an upgrade and after that I had a malfunction and unable to log on to the Internet.

Oh well the best laid plans of mice and men.

This morning I got up early at 7.00 a.m (early for me especially on a Sunday). It was a gorgeous quiet peaceful morning just the birdsong and the sunshine - I stood outside the backdoor in my snuggly dressing gown nursing a hot cuppa tea. I like coming too gradually like this in the morning so civilised so tranquil and you can just simply be. When have been down to Cornwall in the past have woken up early and done the same wherever have been staying just me and a cup of tea. Especially early morning seeing the dawn in Summer. I love the dawn but don't very often see it as tend to be later to bed.

I had intended to do some baking, some flapjacks, bread pudding, cup cakes, egg custard tart, cheese and bacon pastries and some scones were on the hit list; but decided to tidy a bit before starting. I never did get started with the baking as I developed a migraine which have had for the best part of the day and its still hanging.

I hope all you Mothers have had a lovely day and been spoiled rotten by your nearest and dearest.

And here's to wish my very special Mum a really Happy Mother's Day.

From your Dotty daughter

Earlier on today I had some fun as due to other half being out of work we don't have much cash spare. So I decided in my infinite wisdom that I had some lovely images on discs with which to make cards, but that I was going to make her one but decoupage it. Now I have never done Decoupage in practice before; I have all the kit and have read up on it but never actually done it until today. I am quite chuffed that it came up alright - and I used the kitchen scissors(long story but couldn't find the decoupage ones they went AWOL!

Mum was quite pleased with it and with the flowers - I wasn't able to take a photo I did try and upload the image but yet again technical problems will try again another time.

Went to see mum this afternoon bless her heart it was good to see her and we spent a couple of hours with her and did a few chores for her. That's what daughters are for looking after their loved ones.

I think am starting a cold am all snuffly and keep going cold - I hope not as I don't make a good patient at the best of times.

Had a lovely tea; had pork slices cooked with onion and sage in the oven and then served with curly kale, sprouting broccoli, carrots, gravy and mashed potato which went down very well

Also got rid of a load of paperwork rubbish which have shredded and ended up with two large black bin liner bags full. Does anyone have any useful ideas how to use this up; if I had rabbits or the like it would make perfect pet bedding. Its now in the recyling bin, but any alternative ideas would be gratefully received.

Oh well am very tired and still headachey, take care everyone

bye for now -

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