Saturday, 21 March 2009

My Day

Well I have had a lovely day today all on my ownsome;OH has gone fishing for the weekend. And I have really enjoyed the time on my own at home rather than being at work.

The weather has been glorious but is now a tad cold again. I fished out my camera as I had found some Angelica that has seeded itself and also some violets in the garden. Unfortunately the camera failed on me the batteries have had it so I cannot post my violets here. I love violets, primroses and forgetmenots.

I have spent the best part of the day unpacking boxes to find out what's in them and finding loads of lovely goodies; the boxes are too big and heavy and I cannot lift them as they are so I am having to unpack them one by one and repack them when I get the boxes downstairs - bit labour intensive but at least its getting the job done very slowly. I have also found lots of things that I had forgotten I had and made some decisions about some items that are definitely going. It has also allowed me time to myself and to recharge a little and to dream and be at one with myself. I am a terrible dreamer

I fancied a break for a little while as my back started to hurt. So have been in the kitchen peeled and blanched a load of parsnips for the freezer, also 1kg of Carrots and made some home made salmon fishcakes which I have just sat and had with some bread and butter. what's left over am going to shape into patties and put in the freezer for another day.They were lovely. I only use mashed potato and a couple of tins of small red salmon bones removed and all mashed together with some flour and then fry them gently. The mix has to be stiff enough though for the fishcake to hold its shape otherwise when you fry them they go all sloppy in the pan.

I intend to be up early tomorrow as I intend to make some scones and flapjacks for the tins (its handy to have something in as you can always offer the contents to any unexpected visitors) [I utilise old large sweet tins for this purpose waste not want not] I also if I get time might do a custard tart and an apple pie. I have a present for my mum and a card we are popping over to see her when OH comes back from his fishing expedition.

I also have the remnants of a sack of potatoes which I intend to peel and then do mash for the freezer, some more carrots, and a kilo of sprouting broccoli to do for the freezer. I find it handy to top up with fresh veg every so often and prepare it myself at least I know where it has come from. I am hoping to grow some veg in the back garden which I can then freeze for the winter months ahead. With working full time it helps save time during the week as I can have a good tasty meal done and ready within 45 minutes.

Well better get back to my boxes

No doubt I will be back on here later on

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