Monday, 16 March 2009

Spring has Sprung

Ah forget me nots - I always associate this tiny little flower with spring. One of my earliest memories is as little girl living in a cottage with leaded lights, and in the garden in amongst the grass forget me nots always self-seeded and put a little splash of colour into the lush densesness of the grass [yes it was long as my Dad didn't have a lawnmower at the time - that came later]. I could always be found in the garden - loved to be out and about and whenever my grandparents came to visit that's where I was sitting playing in the grass surrounded by forget me nots. Precious memories.

It has been a lovely warm sunshine filled day here. The birds have been singing it has been warm for the best part of today and I have been cooped up in the office - utter sacrilege. Its days like today when I feel the sap rising I want to break out free myself and just run and be free - think completely wild child here - I know I look sensible but I can be as unpredictable and as batty as the best of them, when I put my mind to it. Ask my cousin mind you she is just as bad. I think its called spontaneity. Now thats a good word. Or as my mother would put it - its just the depth that varies!

Now don't fret its just the inner child struggling to be heard and my inner heart but practically and sensibly you have to stay put. But these spring days do make me restless. Its the lighter nights you get so much more out of the day and the ability to get more things done as the dark nights do restrict you somewhat with some things. Especially when you work full time like I do. Although the dark nights do have their magic especially if you have an open fire or log burner. I haven't done much since I have been home apart from some serious work on the blogger and titivating that already published, but having not posted seriously for the past fortnight or so I have been having withdrawal symptoms and have lots of ideas flying about for posts - I am having to write them down because no sooner have I thought of something than something else comes along and I'd end up forgetting what I had planned. Doh

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