Thursday, 12 March 2009


Hello just a quick pop in to let you all know that contrary to popular belief I am in the land of the living. I haven't been on the tinternet much this past fortnight. Things have been a tad hectic at home and at work. I am still trying to sort out my major storage problem and have been sorting through - box after box after box I have found stuff that I had I had forgotten I had -some lovely stuff and am sorting out that I no longer need.

I also have a few long term projects handicraft ones to do a bit at a time (I get bored easily so often have two or three items on the go at once). I am currently working a King sized crotchet blanket in lilacs, blues, tourquosies purples and creams all of varying shades trying to use up those odd balls of wool and make something out of nothing; something different that nobody else will have. I am referring to it as my Rainbow blanket and I have one or two other projects in mind to go with it.I have a couple of Indian cross stitch kits which although not started will go well with - similar colours and a Dream Catcher.

I am also busy collecting scraps of fabric together to have a go at a handworked patchwork quilt or patchwork items (gifts for christmas and birthdays etc) - I am very much a beginner in this department but am aiming to get my head round this eventually.

Like many folk, I haven't got the wherewithal to buy things at the moment with other half being out of work so am using up what I already have and trying to make things to go with those items so things sort of blend. I think in retrospect that is not a bad thing to tighten the belt every so often (this time it is enforced) as it makes you appreciate what you have and makes you really think about what you really really want and what really is important to you.

Once the materials I have are used up, if I need to add to them with new bits and bobs, to finish items off I can do. At least not going to have the storage problem again with all the balls of wool and fabric everywhere. I might frighten myself in time by reclaiming the bedroom as a guest room/reiki room and a study/craft room.

I am also knitting a throw/rug in different shades of lilac and white - have others on the go but these are the two I am concentrating on at the moment.

I would also in time like to have a go at some clippie rugs or proddy rugs as they are called in certain parts of the country. Thought would make out of some old jeans. My thinking is that they would go well as bedside mats in the bedroom to go with a patchwork quilt in blues that I already have. Its surprising what you can do when you set your mind to things.

Thought I would try and keep myself busy and productive without too much time to dwell and idle hands and all that.

Hopefully I will get chance to post properly again this weekend - I believe I am to be a fishing widow this weekend. Lovely peace and quiet just me and the moglets and the occasional phone call with good friends.

Will catch up with everyone soon

Take care and wherever you are I hope life is treating you fair

Love to everyone



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