Sunday, 5 April 2009

2009.034.05 Things to achieve Today

I have done myself a check list of the things I would like to achieve today - I am a great one for lists and ticking things off as they have been accomplished - my short term memory is not as good as it used to be and it helps me focus on what needs doing first and what can wait. And I don't have to cook Sunday Dinner today - so I will just grab a snack or something later on but in the meantime want to get on with as much as I can.

Here we go

1.Have a cup of tea [no doubt will have several during the course of the day so will class this one as completed]

2.Do washing up [completed - no doubt will be more later but first tranche done]

3.Put recycled jam jars into soak and get dried in readiness for making preserves later [completed]

4.Put washer on for undies after soaking overnight and get dried [completed](cheated used the tumbler drier here as I don't like my undies going on the line]

5.Wash sheets and air dry on line in garden [completed]

6.Clean Cooker [completed]

7.Sort Freezer completed. Completley gutted it and found all sorts of goodies I had forgotten about

8.Make Dandelion Oil [completed]

9.Make Marigold Oil [completed]

10. Process waste bread and crumb then soak Breadcrumbs in readiness for making bread pudding [completed]

11.Make Broccoli and blue stilton soup for the freezer

12Prepare Melon and Grapefruit for the freezer in lime juice

13Stop to sow some of the seeds I have sorted out mostly herbs, broad beans and runner and dwarf French Beans

14Make Lemon Curd

15Make Mandarin Curd

16Make Grapefruit Curd

17Make Lime Curd

18Make Seville Orange Curd (have some in the freezer)

19Make Seville Orange Marmalade (have some in the freezer)

20Freeze Grapefruit, lemon and mandarin orange shells in order to make own mixed peel at a later date (wrap in polythene bags and then just get them out when you are ready to have a go)

21prepare and bottle pears in syrup

22Plum Sauce

23Mint Cordial [started completed tomorrow]

24Lemon Cordial

25Cauliflower for the freezer picked up three nice sized ones that were reduced from £1 each to 49pence so they are going in.

26Freeze Spring Cabbage

27. Baking:

Apple pasties

Pattypans flapjacks

Pear and Ginger Sponges for the freezer

Pastry - made six batches to cook with later [basics completed]probably an Egg Custard as have plenty of eggs at the moment

28Finish off the Ginger Beer get bottled and start new plant/plants

I think I have probably bitten off more than I can chew as usual but what I don't get done today will get done tomorrow or the next day or the next.....

Whoa and for my next trick.

N.B. I shouldn't have said that should I. I had a slight detour since posting earlier on - talking of juggling and next tricks whilst making the pastry I dropped what was left in the bag of flour - and its gone everywhere so I am currently mopping up the kitchen. Still haven't got to the freezer. Don't know how much more am going to get done. Oh well the best laid plans of mice and men.

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