Sunday, 12 April 2009

2009.04.12 My Day

Happy Easter Everyone.

It has been a relatively quiet day today and the weather has been miserable and wet and horrible and my arthritis is complaining bitterly. I understand that the bottom half of the country has had loads of sunshine etc. This I have ascertained from Classic Gold Radio which I listen to quite frequently when cooking in the kitchen. I love the radio.

I have had a very busy day today as I have had my main pantry to bits and given it a good old sort out - found some things I had forgotton I had got and sorted out some others to do projects with during the week. So that took quite some time. But I have located the bread flour that I was convinced I had but couldn't find.

Then I started cooking Sunday dinner we always tend to have tea late on a Sunday so that we get as much as we can out of the day with being at work all week - we had home prepared and stuffed pork belly roasted (and there was plenty of crackling without any salt)with roast potatoes, squash, and parsnip with carrots, broccoli, petit pois home made apple sauce and home made stuffing and gravy. Closely followed by home made treacle tart and custard. And very scrummy it was too. There are also seconds for tomorrow nights tea.

I have then had to sit down as I am going through a period of not having much energy again and my bunions started to give me gyp as have been on my feet most of the day. I have also had Tinky snuggled up next to me on the sofa for the past couple of hours.

I have therefore spent the last couple of hours watching the film Skillig; I quite enjoyed this a very modern fairy tale but rooted in the past. That is a rarity being able to sit and watch a film.

I have spoken to my mum to check she is okay - we speak most days. She has had a lovely day with my brother his wife and my nephews. I have also emailed a couple of very good friends to play catch up.

I am now listening to James Martin Sweet whilst preparing this note. He is one of the younger chefs that I really do like.

Tyson is not happy he is grumbling - its tea time come on mum I am ravenous get a wriggle on.

On that note I had better go before he starts rearranging things again.

Take care

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