Saturday, 11 April 2009

Crafts and Handicrafts

I am very lucky as I was taught to cook and sew from a very early age which many people don't know how to do and I am so grateful for that. Both sides of my family have always cooked and sewn; it was a necessity years ago and at least if needs be I have the ability to have a go at something.

I love making things and don't get as much time as I would like to "play" and really "create". I have some ideas I would like to act on in time. However, I like to produce something no matter how small or insignificant. Because I work full time it leaves me very little time to do things during the week so I tend to have a couple of no brainer jobs on the go where I can just sit and run - my hands automatically finding their way around what I have in progress. It also helps me relax.

I have a very large super-king sized blanket on the go at the moment. It was primarily started to use up a large box of wool that I had accumulated over the years and not really done anything with and I have interspaced this with a cream wool to set it off a little better. Because pennies are tight and I cannot go out and buy things like I used to it is sort of killing two birds with one stone i.e. it is keeping me occupied is hardly costing me anything apart from the cream wool to interspace and I am producing something that no one else will have for my home. Not only that when it is finally completed I will have a blanket to keep me snug/and/or visitors (haven't decided where its going yet) that has been made with love and thought.

I have used purple, lilac, blue, turquoise shades because these are the colours I had available; but serendipity seems to be at work as I without realising it have managed to use the colours that are in a couple of dreamcatcher cross stitch kits that I already have to do - one is part-done so should look lovely when they are done as well. Maybe I will use them in the back bedroom for the guest room when I get things sorted/but then again it could be for my bedroom.

I also am a novice knitter - and am also in the process of making a rug knitted of individual squares which is work in progress at the moment - now knitting is not really my forte it tends to grow too slowly for my liking but if it means me being able to create something worthwhile then I am not averse to doing it. It also keeps my hands going and moving. In the run up to Christmas I tend to do a job lot of scarves to give as an extra christmas present along the way.


  1. I love your stripey blanket. The colours are fab. I'm just getting the hang of crochet at long last and am making strips to stitch together into a blanket. It grows much quicker than knitting.

  2. Hi Alleybea this is continuous crotchet in rows just ordinary double crotchet. Crotcheting is akin to finger knitting except you have to keep the index finger rigid. For years I crotched in this way until I went to college and then the crafts teacher took me in hand. She had noticed that I wasn't holding my finger correctly and this was the reason why the tension on my work was variable. She then watched over me until I did it right (she was old school but by did she know her stuff). So you will get there - and each piece you do you will learn from. After a long row of double crotchet to turn at the end I add three single crotchet loops turn and then go into the second stitch and work to the end of the row - three single crotchet and repeat - this should keep the edges even. I prefer crotcheting to knitting simply because it grows quicker. Happy playing


  3. Love the colours in your striped blanket. I crotchet one some (many) years ago over the winter months, I can remember it being so snugly as I worked on it. I really should get it out and use it again!
    The knitted rug'll be fab too :o)
    Rose H

  4. Hi Rose glad you like it - still an unfinished object - it weighs a ton but is lovely and warm. Need to get it finished along with lots of others too. The knitted blanket is still being stitched up but I have started working the border to it. Might if I get time try and get the rest of it joined together this weekend so that I can then get the rest of the borders done. I am using a rib border all the way round to give it a bit of thickness and also to stop the blanket going terribly out of shape. Will post details once it is completely finished. Haven't been in the mood to do much lately - which is unlike me. take care show you soon promise



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