Monday, 13 April 2009

The Living Garden

Well I think I am going to be very hard pressed getting this garden back into shape but am going to attempt to try and negotiate this over the next few weeks or so and try and knock it back into shape so that I can use the garden space and also produce hopefully some food to supplement the shopping bill. So we will have some before and after photographs. I do apologise but I have to start somewhere and not being sure just where to start I am diving in at the deep end as usual. So its sink or swim.

Its been a lovely sunny afternoon here today and so fed up of being in the house I decamped with the requisite mug of tea and sat in the garden and started sorting through my seeds. I picked out a few packets of seed I wanted to plant. Then I stripped my mini greenhouse no 1 out and washed up a load of pots before setting too and starting to plant the seeds. I am not sure whether I am being a tad too early or more to the point over-optimistic. I am hoping however that I haven't set the seed to early but only time will tell on that one.
There is nothing more pleasurable than getting down and dirty with nature and being outside in the fresh air. I intend to do this more often as being out in the garden has really grounded me down today (stopped me high flying on the trapeze) and helped me to put in perspective certain issues that are going on around me. Its surprising what a change of scenery can do and how calming and liberating it can be.

I have always been able to grow things from seed but its what you do after they sprout that causes me the most angst. So not really knowing any better I am just literally going for it and hopefully will learn from my successes and failures.

Needless to say I now have an assistant gardener. Squeak just could not resist when I started going through the seeds in the bag she had to poke her nose in, disappearing into the bag to investigate further. What is it about cats and bags. Then when I was sowing the seeds she sat and watched me and every so often tried to catch my hands with her paw as well as trying to pounce and run off with the fluttering seed packets. I think she is trying to nobble me before I even get going.

I have some ideas what I would like to grow, but I would also like some unusual things as well, plants that look lovely but are also very useful in the pantry/home. The plants may not show immediate results, but it may be next year before I reap the results but the thought of actually boosting my food requirements by producing my own at minimal cost is exciting me. Together with making use of wild foods gives me a whole new set of options.

Predominantly today I have set herb seeds as I do use a lot of herbs in cooking

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