Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Following on from my posts yesterday they kinda made me feel all nostalgic and started to remember things that I hadn't thought about in ages. Many of you may not know but last year very suddenly I lost my father - too quick too soon and with us not being able to say a proper good bye which sort of left the family floundering at bit. I am very glad to have known this very special creative and complex man and he has given me so much - some of which I am still uncovering. He gave me a love of reading and a love of music - very special gifts.

A big part of my memory bank has always been music; I tend to recall an event and if music was part of it I not only remember the event but remember the song. Part of this stems from the fact that music was the be all and end all of my father's life, as a lad he was a chorister in the Lincoln Cathederal choir, and often was a soloist with visiting well known singers. His life therefore revolved for many years around the church and music. He played piano and also cathederal organ as well. Notably in the parish church of St Clements in Fiskerton a small village the other side of Lincoln which was the family home for over 60 years

This was the church where I and cousins and siblings were also baptised. There is one story which was quite funny. Dad was playing the organ in St Clements for a service and it was a pump organ where a stick handle helped work the bellows (being pumped on this occasion by his village mate Mo). The signal for more air would be the organist kicking the dashboard which my father duly did -no air and to make matters worse the organ started to fail. In the end he went to see what had happened (he thought that Mo had been having a crafty cigarette which on this occasion was not the case) and met his co-worker coming round the corner with the handle in his hand saying I can't work it its brock. Needless to say music did not accompany the rest of the service on that occasion.

It can be so uplifting so thrilling so emotional can music. My father gave me a love of classical music - but he was the only person I could listen to it with. No one else could quite understand the emotion of the piece as could my Dad. I listen to it alone these days but at least no one else can spoil my appreciation of the piece.

Well have to get on am a "guinea pig" this evening. Am at my friends house where she has called a lot of strangers together for us Trainee Mediums to give readings too. Wish me luck

Catch you all later


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