Monday, 6 April 2009


Just a quick before I descend in the depths of Hades - work.

Had a very restless night didn't sleep very well as couldn't get comfy in bed, and probably because I worry that I won't get up in time to get up for work.

Its a cold grey morning here at the moment definitely jumper weather - and the cat is refusing to get out of bed! Normally he is swearing like anything at me to let him out - this morning will he budge not on your nelly. Looks like he is staying in then.

I have washed my hair this morning and although towel dry I can feel it damp against my face as I am trying to quickly type this before walking to work. (excuse the typos - am doing this in braille as I haven't got my glasses on and I cannot locate them at the moment. Have to be in at 9.00 a.m. and all set up and there is a half finished bowl of cereal that I am working on as well. I do pick my mornings to walk to work - have sciatica down both my legs this morning - probably as a result of over-exertions yesterday. But this is how it goes with me I am either all or nothing - and when I have no energy I have to rest.

Well think of my whilst I am in the pit of Hades and I hope you all have a lovely day - deeply green here for those of you who don't have to work. Happy playing time catch you later.

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