Saturday, 4 April 2009

Saturday Musings

Well its been an absolutely gorgeous day here today - well what I have seen of it. I errh unfortunately overslept this morning much to the consternation of my cat Tyson who was not amused. He sleeps on the foot of my bed each night and this morning try as he might he couldn't rouse me. It was about 10.30 a.m. before I got up - I had anticipated being up well before that oh well,it has been an extremely busy week. Needless to say he was most put out because I had the temerity to put him out of his routine.

OH has gone fishing and will be so doing until about Wednesday I think; he enjoys it and it helps him chill out. I don't mind my own company and at least I can get on with things I want to do without interruption.

I have managed to get all my washing out on the line today; I am trying to save the pennies as much as I can at the moment so am only going to use the tumble drier when I have to - if I can get all the washing out on the line and dry it smells oh so much nicer and loads more fresher. I am hoping its going to be fine tomorrow as I would like to get the sheets done and out in the fresh air as well. I have a load of undies soaking before washing - it helps get rid those awful marks on the socks which appear out of nowhere and are sometimes very difficult to remove and saves a harder wash so the garments are at less risk of fading. I tend to do this with things that have bits spilled on as well - anything to try and protect the integrity of the garment so it looks good and is of use for quite some time.

I went to the veg shop today as well and got stocked up; have bought some lemons which were 3 for 50p - intend to do some lemon curd; mandarin oranges for mandarin curd and grapefruit curd. I also bought some melon to prepare for the freezer in chunks with grapefruit and lime juice, makes a very refreshing starter/pudding. I have also bought some William Bon Chretien pears to bottle in syrup for puddings; and some plums for a plum sauce and some mint to make mint cordial. This evening I have prepared for the freezer carrots, sweet potato, parsnips, purple sprouting broccoli and rhubarb for crumbles/pies. I have been taking photos but cannot find the lead for my camera to the computer so the photos will have to follow at a later date. Something always goes missing when you need it in this household.

Tomorrow is another day; I have quite a bit to do tomorrow with the curds etc as you will probably guess. I also would quite like to do a bit of baking and of course get the washing out on the line.

I have been looking and rootling through my seed packets as well so am hoping to get started on these as soon as I can.

Sorry its short and sweet will try and play catch up over the next few days.

Take care everyone wherever you are.


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