Monday, 13 April 2009

Spring Blossom

Spring is certainly in full swing all the trees are starting to sprout their blossom and each time the wind blows it gently scatters their confetti to the ground in gentle flurries.

Blossom at the bottom of the garden

At the bottom of the garden the Cherry is in full blossom (not that I ever to get many of them as being at work the birds usually beat me to it) that is surrounded by two ballerina apple trees although there does not appear to be much blossom on the apples this year. Is it the same throughout the country. Now is the time for watching for frost as it could impact on the later to come crop like it did round her last year on the sloes and elderberries. Not a good year for them last year.

The house 4 doors up has a very large magnolia in the front garden and it looks absolutely exquisite at the moment in full blossom.

A swing in the Apple orchard
Hip Hip Hooray
As I watch the apple blossom gently blow away
As i swing high and low
And up through the boughs
Going faster and faster nearly touching the clouds
Nearly catching the rainbow high in the sky
And then falling then slowing
Back to the ground



  1. All the blossom is beautiful isn't it? My plum tree and magnolia are flowering at the moment and I'm hoping there's no frost to spoil them. Especially the plum as the fruit from this tree is delicious.

  2. Hi Rowan

    It is beautiful and it always reminds me of my grandparents home. Their bungalow stood central in well over an acre of land and was surrounded by apple orchards and it always looked beautiful at this time of the year. We never had to buy fruit because Nan would supply us with apples and plums and pears throughout the year. It was somewhat of a shock when I had to go and buy apples. They also had plum trees mostly Victorias, they had a green gage in which in 50 years it never fruited apart from the season just before my Nan passed. My grandfather's favourite and i must say one of mine was a black plum with a sweet yellow flesh known as a Black Diamond. If you can get hold of one of those it is well worth the effort. They also had two different pears one the conference and I don't know the name of the other one but was big white fleshed pears. Now that brings back memories. There doesn't appear to be much blossom this year - well not as much as in other years so I am also hoping that the frost does not get them because we need our fruit as well as we need our bees. If only I had the land! Is your plum tree big if it isn't too big have you tried covering it with the gardeners fleece overnight - it might be a bit of a performance but just on the nights when there is deemed to be a risk. Just a thought

    Take care



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