Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Moments

Its another glorious morning, the sun is bright and out and all is well with my world.

I have not been long up and have been savouring the first cup of tea in the back garden, which surprisingly for town has been quiet apart from the call of the local birds as they go about their early morning business; and the calls of my cats to each other as they are released from the house into the new day. I always relish this time of morning, there is a stillness a quality to it, that seems to match no other part of the day. I notice it more down in Cornwall rather than in the town and tend to be up with the lark when down there taking photographs of the early morning dawn and just simply being and enjoying the quietness, nursing a mug of tea.

Its something I could take advantage of more readily if I was always up more often and able to come too peacefully like this morning. I like to come too in a civilised fashion - I am far more sociable if I am allowed surface like this rather than being called and disturbed and having to get up in a hurry and not able to come too gracefully. It always puts me out of sorts. Perhaps I like my own company too much I always have been a bit of a loner even as a child and yet I am never totally lonely, there is always something to do, something to get on with - sometimes there are never enough hours in a day for me.

Whilst sat nursing my cup of tea I have been running through those things I wish to achieve today - I outlined some of the things I wanted to get done in my last post; but they may not all be achieved today. First off, I have to dive into the big deep freeze first to re-arrange things a bit better than I left them last night, but that is necessary as it is the freezers that always feed us when things are tight, as at the moment. I also like to take advantage of bog-offs where I can - cannot always afford it, but as and when there are offers on with meat or with vegetables I do and especially with me working full time. I like to do a bit so that there is always the makings of a meal during the week when I have less time, this way on I can achieve a cooked meal within an hour of getting home and our life-style quality does not suffer too much. Its all about juggling and lets face it sometimes we juggle the balls most successfully and everything goes tickety-boo and another time we drop all the balls and end up in a right beggars muddle. Ah well such is life.

Because it is another lovely day I also want to take advantage of this and get some seeds sown in my mini greenhouses (still have the big one to clear and OH has to fix some panes of glass in the large one and in the cold frame - will have to get him to sort that when he comes back)

Right on with the new day - hope your day is absolutely lovely and all is well in your world.

Catch you all later

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