Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Arthur Findlay College

As some of you may already know I have a deep interest in psychic and spiratual work as well as different types of healing. I myself am a Reiki Practitioner and I regularly help those in need of assistance by absence work or in situ work. I am also a WIP Trainee Medium and my Teacher is Jacqueline Lesley of the Psychic and Spiratual Fellowship. I am also a Committee Member for this group. The link to the website is on the side panel.

One of the things we do as a group is attend at the Open Days in May at the Arthur Findley College based in Stansted. This is the psychic college for the whole of the country. They have open days this year from the 2 May to the 6 May. For further information please check out their website on If you are interested and have the opportunity to attend the college please do go. I can guarantee that the energy, love and peacefulness of this special place will filter into your heart.

The buildings themselves are wonderful and the whole atmosphere of the college is so peaceful so loving. For me its like going home every time we go down there. Its strange but the atmosphere completely pervades you and Its a very special place. We have the chance to attend lectures and demonstrations or book readings with a choice of mediums. It can be a general reading providing evidence of life after passing but we are not predictors of the future that is not the purpose of our work. Or it can be a spiratual assessment which gives you guidelines with which way to focus on individual work.

You are not forced to attend demonstrations or lectures (although I recommend you do - they are rather enlightening and it is interesting to see how differently the mediums and healers work). You can just wonder round the grounds which are proper woodlands, and gardened areas. We usually take a pick nick with us when we go, but there is a first class restaurant facility within the college. There is also a shop where all sorts of literature on spiratul work can be obtained together with complementary products.

There is also a tree where ribbons and prayers are made and coinage slipped into the graining of the bark of the tree. Yesterday it also had gaily coloured ribbons trailing from its branches. We as a group did a touch of tree hugging and prayer as one of our number is not well at the moment having been diagnosed with cancer and she has to undergo major surgery. This has all happened within a very short space of time and yesterday we were concentrating on her welfare rather than our own. I was asked to lead the prayer and we are hoping that the peacefulness of the grounds and the work undertaken yesterday will give her a certain amount of peace to help fortify her in the trials and tribulations she has yet to undergo. You see we all love her to bits and only want the best for her.

Attending at the college is also a chance to be with like-minded people and make new contacts and learn new things each time you go - well I am speaking as I find things and from my own personal perspective but I absolutely love the place.

Yesterday we had a group of some of our younger members attend the College for the first time. The feedback we have had already is that they have learned and absorbed so much yesterday that it has fired their enthusiasm to learn more and indeed spread the word of spirit.

I hope you will all join me in wishing my friend well during the coming months ahead and to those elsewhere who could benefit from positive thought, prayer, love and healing.

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