Monday, 18 May 2009

Fruit and Herbal Teas

Ginger is very good for nausea, whether you drink or eat Ginger biscuits, stem ginger in syrup, crystallised Ginger, Ginger Wine, Ginger Cordial. It is also good for circulation as it helps stimulate your system very gently. I therefore indulge in this as a tea quite frequenly to help me with my arthritis.

Herbal and fruit teas are not to everybody's liking but you can make them more palatable by adding say half a teaspooon of sugar to your mug; then once you get used to drinking it like this try taking the sweetening out gradually. Honey can be used as a sweetner as well.It is also a good way of hydrating your system naturally so that you are drinking the required amount each day and not just plain water.

I have and use a proper herbal teapot but you can make this in a heatproof jug just as well.

Ginger and Lemon Tea

Take a fresh piece of root ginger about an inch piece. Crush it and pop in your jug/herbal tea pot. Slice a lemon use about 4 to 5 slices. Add to the pot. Boil the kettle and once boiled add the contents to your jug/teapot. Leave to cool a little and then serve or let go completely cold for the flavours to develop. You can always heat a mug of this up in the microwave or equally drink it cold with ice cubes. It is very refreshing and one of the more pleasant of the "Fruit and Herbal Teas". Far superior to the bought variety although some of those can be quite pleasant.

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