Friday, 22 May 2009

Hawthorn Blossom

The Hawthorn Blossom (commonly called May) is out in full bloom and I have always found the blossoms so pretty yet never known what to do with them. I have found the following recipes - I don't know what they will turn out like but I am going to have a go. I have a bottle of brandy lurking in the cupboard so I intend to play!

Hawthorn Blossom Liqueur

Hawthorn Blossom
Brandy or Whisky
1 tablespoon sugar

Pick the blossom on a dry summer day making sure there are no insects hiding by gently shaking the blossoms. Press the blossominto a large kilner type preserving jar until full. Cover with brandy or whisky, place on lid and leave for at least a couple of weeks to allow the flavour to develop before straining through muslin. Dissolve the sugar in as little as hot water as possible and mix thoroughly with the whisky or brandy. Pour into sterilised bottles when cold.

I have also found a wine recipe.

Hawthorn Blossom Wine

4 pints hawthorn blossom
3lb sugar
2 lemons
7 pings water
Grape Tannin
Yeast and Nutrient

Grate the thinly peeled rind of both lemons and extract the juice from one of them. Add both the rind and the juice to the sugar and the water and boil the mixture for 30 minutes stirring occasionally. Let the mixture cool before adding the tannin yeast and nutrient. Leave for a day before adding the flowers, cover and leave for a further week in a warm place stirring daily. Strain through fine nylon or muslin into a demijohn and then fit the air lock. Rack when the wine clears, it should then be ready for bottling some 3 to 4 months later.

Happy playing

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