Monday, 18 May 2009

Mum's Plants

Mum has always kept Cacti on and off since I was a small child. The most regular ones being the Christmas Cacti and whatever plant mum had it always eventually had the most beautiful display. The first proper prickly Cacti I saw properly in flower was a Cacti Plant that had belonged to my Mum's Dad, my Granddad. It flowered shortly after he passed and was absolutely gorgeous the most beautiful brilliant red flame colour. she still has that plant but it is not showing any signs of flowering this year and she was threatening to re-pot it when I went nosing round her greenhouse at the weekend. It is amazing that such treacherous plants often have beautiful flowers. Anyway she did have one of the Cacti in brilliant bloom and here are a couple of photographs of the same.

Mum and Dad used to grow a lot of plants together - as they had the allotment(which has had to be given up). It seems very strange for her not to have many plants this year; but unfortunately she cannot now manage without her stick and not able to sit to do things for very long without becoming uncomfortable.

Mum has her hanging baskets in the greenhouse (she won't put them out before the end of May in case of frosts) don't they look lovely.

I also snapped some of the plants in the garden which were in flower and in beautiful display.

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