Saturday, 16 May 2009

My Day 16.05.2009

My oh my what a busy day I have had today. I was dead to the world and could have slept on but I had promised to go and help mum so it was up early.

OH has decorated a room for my mum and had to empty room out before he could start. He has finished the room off today for her and I went along to try and get the house back into some sort of order for her as she is not too clever on her pins at the moment as she is suffering from a bad back condition.

We turned her mattress this morning and made her bed up with fresh bedlinen - it always makes you feel good is the freshness of clean linen.

We are getting her dining room back to some sense of normality and so that she does not trip over and hurt herself but Mum decided it was too good an opportunity to miss and to get rid of any rubbish or bits that she did not want anymore. Needless to say I mum has given me some lovely pieces "treasure" with many memories, which I will post about separately. I have taken some photographs but unfortunately at the time of going to press I could not locate the card reader to post the pictures.

OH has also sorted out the guttering which was full and I have done as little bit of gardening on the patio weeds were starting to sprout so I have been on my hands and kees cutting them out for her.

The rest of the afternoon we have been washing drying and then re-stocking the cupboards and getting the rest of the house back to some sort of normality. We have been chatting as well and it has been a good day. It has been lovely to spend some quality time with Mum and helping her.

I am on holiday this week I should have gone to France for the week but unfortunately due to the unemployed situation my OH finds himself in this particular holiday has had to be cancelled. He had already paid for another fishing holiday before he lost his job last year and that is in June in a couple of weeks time. So I intend to have another session of clearing bits and bobs and getting them sorted out whilst I am on holiday and do a bit more to get this reading room sorted out as well as all the usual bits and bobs to do.

I could really do with some time away its a good three years since I have been away on holiday but it is not to be at the moment. Maybe something will happen to alleviate that situation some way down the line. I can but hope. Ideally I could do with a week down in Cornwall, near the sea, near the moors in beautiful countryside where I feel I belong. I can breathe down there. It is so peaceful and pure balm for the soul.

Am back to Mum's tomorrow and taking a Leg of Lamb to cook there and then we will have dinner altogether which should be nice (Mum's providing the veggies). And we have more work to do but we will stay until it is all cleared tomorrow. It worries her when the house is all topsy turvy and it worries me in that she could fall and hurt herself, which I do not want

Oh well tomorrow is another day - lets see what happiness it brings.

Take care


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