Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Day 24.05.2009

Well its been a beautiful sunny warm day and a busy day today. Have been over and spent the day with my Mum - its been a day off my own housework but have been helping my Mum. I have Cleaned all the windows on the back of her bungalow (including the conservatory) whilst OH took her to a local store (unfortunately we only have a two seater van)so I got some peace and quiet and mum got out of the house and got some compost. I think I have mentioned before that Mum and Dad used to grow a lot of plants for the allotment, and it has been strange that mum has hardly done anything this year. Mum not only came home with some compost but some plants for her front planters as well. Mum loves her gardening and we have spent the afternoon doing a lot of the bits and bobs that she cannot manage, but we have taken care of the hard bit and she is going to be planting up her planters tomorrow. It comes hard when you have always done certain things and then all of a sudden for one reason or another you are unable to accomplish what you normally can. Well it comes to us all eventually, but at least
Mum is safe and happy and she has had some company again which is all that matters to me. We had a lovely lunch of Roast Beef and all the trimmings as well.

Since I have been home have been pottering in my own gardening and watering up. All the plants seem to have come on well and a lot will need potting up tomorrow, and I also have some more seeds to set.

Am now watching Britain has got Talent.

Hope everyone has a good evening.

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