Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Catch Up

Sorry haven't been around much this week have had quite a lot to do in a very short space of time and I am still playing catch up. Last weekend I wasn't in - on Saturday was at Stansted for the day at the Arthur Findlay Collete in Stansted - commonly referred to as "Spooks Hall" by the locals. Sunday was out for a meal and at my mums as it was my birthday. Monday was playing catch up at home.Tuesday back at work and we have been extremely busy there. Tuesday night out to my friends to try and sort out what we are going to do with the Psychic and Spiratualist Fellowship whilst she is incapacitated - its business as usual and we are going to keep it going between us. Then I gave healing to my friend, her husband and to another of my friends.

Today has been our Departmental Strategy day which has been very positive in many respects but extremely tiring. It would be nice to see these sets of strategies come through. Tonight have been to the Psychic & Spiratualist Fellowship monthly meeting. We have had a guest Speaker called Sharon Harvey who is absolutely brilliant. If you ever get chance to see this lady she really is a hoot very bubbly and very good with her readings. I start the kitchen off and the other members as they arrive take over from me - I then go and do some healing before the meeting starts. We then have part 1 of the meeting and during tea break I am administering Reiki to those that need it. We then have part 2 of the meeting. Tonight has been different though because I have had to bring all the paraphernalia that we use in the kitchen back home with me. (My friend normally stores this) so I have had a reality moment To put it mildly I am absolutely shattered and I still haven't touched anything in the house etc. Hopefully I will get back to normal during the next couple of days or so. As the saying goes normal service will be resumed as soon as possible. Promise

Take care everyone and thank you for all your good wishes and support.

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