Monday, 18 May 2009

Treasure with Memories

"Dolly's Tea Set

As a little girl I used to beg my mum to let me play with "Dolly's Tea Set" which used to sit in the cupboard under the sideboard on the shelf. It was cream and gold and I could never understand why she would not let me play with this "tea set" in fact in retrospect I can never remember my mum using it so it must be "Dolly's Tea Set". I used to get ever so frustrated about the fact that she would never let me play with it.

It was only when I got much older that I realised what in fact I had been calling the service "Dolly's Tea Set" was in fact a Coffee Set,consisting of Coffee pot, cream jug, sugar bowl, 6 coffee cups and 6 saucers.

Today my mum gave me "Dolly's Tea Set" and permission for me to "play with it" I attach some photo's for you to share.

The other item is a treasured cake stand. Not an expensive one but it has many memories of my early birthdays as Mum always used to make a cake and serve it up on this stand. It is hand decorated with a beautiful midnight blue border with blossoms painted on; the centre is yellow and it has butterflies scattered all over. Unusually it is not a porcelain or pottery stem but a metal one. I hope you agree with me that it is indeed pretty.

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