Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gooseberries Note

I have been looking for Gooseberries for the past couple of weeks but have been unable to find any. Yesterday at my local veg shop they had some and I just had to go back and get some. They were a bit pricy at £3.30 a kilo, but I bought two kilos. I don't have the time to process them into jam at the moment, but if I top and tail them and then freeze them whole then at least I have the option of using them in a crumble or a sponge or as a sauce or even in wine-making or making into jam. I am hoping to be able to come across more so that I have maximum choice of options. But I think Gooseberries are going onto the Plant wish list!

UPDATE all the goosegogs have been topped and tailed. Kept some back for pudding tonight have about three pounds residing in the freezer as we speak.


  1. I love gooseberries, have a couple of bushes in the garden which have got lots on this year, I shall be picking the first of them this week - for crumbles probably.

  2. I had a couple of bushes in the garden when we first moved here about 20 years ago. But the sawfly got them and I never did replace them. As I am in the throes of reclaiming the garden I may well get some planted up come autumn so that I get a crop next year. Have had goosebery fool tonight which was delicious.

    take care and enjoy the goosegogs!



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