Sunday, 7 June 2009


Hello everyone. Sorry I have been absent for a while but have had a lot on my plate of late and to tell you the truth its just the depth that has varied I tend to go into myself and retreat at times like this just dealing with anything and everything that is thrown at me. I suppose i get a tad introspective at such times, and concentrating on sending healing where its needed and taking stock of my thoughts and feelings. I tend to be a bit deep at times like this and find it part of the re-charging process and to plan what needs to be done. I also tend to go like this in the run up to a full moon and things tend to get a little manic and things don't always go to plan and tonight is a full moon. I do so love the natural beauty of this giant orb that hangs suspended in the sky and I love watching the twinkling stars surrounding her.

A very good friend has had to have a hysterectomy this week, and is a key member of the group I belong to. My counterparts and I are therefore running that between us to make sure it goes on in her absence - the monthly meeting for that was last week. The show must go on as they say.

One of my colleagues from work suddenly lost her mother without warning so she has been absent from work for a fortnight - in effect I have been the only secretary in the matrimonial department and with sometimes three fee earners to cover secretarial wise, things have been a tad hectic and I have been shattered when I get home from work.

I have also had to try and tidy the house a little more as we are due to have the boiler replaced soon and we are getting there very slowly but not as quickly as I would like. Told you I was a tad impatient. Have all these ideas and set out with good intentions but somehow I managed to get waylaid somewhere along the way.

Another friend has just lost his wife and is devastated - it was a very long marriage and she went so quickly good for her (at least she has not suffered) but not for him.

My mum has been in the wars and has to have a small operation in the next fortnight or so which she could really do without. With everything that she has to put up with I just wish sometimes it would let up just to let her be comfortable and not messed around with.

Oh well tis life - what goes round must come round and its a case of dealing with what you can and helping those people that come into your orbit and sending those that are not within your immediate scope healing and positive thoughts.

OH has gone fishing in France (fishing holiday booked last year and paid for before he was made redundant) and it is just me and the cats trying to keep the home fires burning and being supportive to every one that needs it and sending healing where it is most needed.

In-between times I have been researching tit bits for different articles that are in the process of being prepared. I have some articles already written but cannot finish them off because the camera lead for downloading has gone missing again. Grhh wouldn't you just know it. Its either in France or has disappeared into the bottom of the computer lead box!

My modest efforts in the garden seem to be slowly taking hold. I am trying to be practical by planning to some extent for next year as well - have been sowing things like rhubarb, and lavender, and wall flowers etc so that they are big enough to put in and come up next year.

It has chucked it down with rain this weekend so I haven't been able to get out and do what I wanted in the garden. I still have lots to do but I am finding that it is very therapeutic and is helping me to chill out quite a lot after a busy day cooped up at work. So it is really nice and invigorating to get out into the fresh air when I can.

Well I hope everyone else is doing well and that all is well for you and yours. I am sorry have to go - I have a cat demanding his supper - he has been on the bed most the afternoon asleep - as cat's do and he has suddenly decided that supper is on the menu! I'd better go before he starts clod hopping across the keyboard - nothing is sacred you know.

Anyway take care will catch up soon promise


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