Thursday, 18 June 2009

Little Acorns

Mum the other weekend gave me a cruet and mustard set which we think is silver plated. It had originally come from my Nan's house although I never knew her to use it. With a little cleaning it has come up beautifully, although we were concerned as the salt could not be taken apart. OH has had a look at and it had corroded slightly on the edge, but with cleaning this has come off and is now easy to take apart. It is a lovely little cruet set very tactile to hold and in the shape of Acorns which makes me wonder whether it dates from the Arts and Crafts period. The mustard pot even has its blue glass liner intact. I am very chuffed with this little piece and I think it is very appealing and will look lovely on the table.


  1. This is a pretty little cruet set and even nicer because it belonged to your Nan. I don't know enough to have any idea about dates though.

  2. Don't think its silver - just found an EPNS stamp underneath, but it is very pretty and very tactile - I love it - it cleaned up very well compared to what it was - it was nearly black.


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