Monday, 29 June 2009

My Day 29.06.2009

Well it was hot last night and I was late to bed. I had had a very busy day and was tired and could not settle. It was far too warm so at midnight last night I was watering up in the garden! There really is no hope for me; but I am glad I did. Needless to say the plants are all watered up tonight - I don't think the neighbours would put up with my nocturnal wanderings for another night!

Well hasn't it been a scorcher. I am very grateful to have been working in an air conditioned office today but by did the heat hit us when we came out a lunch time.

Had to go over to see my dear mum tonight - we went to see her yesterday afternoon and left dinner cooking whilst paying a short visit. However it turned into two trips as muggins managed to leave the keys at my mum's and didn't realise until we got home.Boy was I popular! The van was too warm despite the windows being down - its cooled down a lot to what it was but its still far too warm trouble is I don't sleep very well when its like this.

Sorry its short and sweet - have had the gremlins in the computer - hence my absence for a little over a week, hopefully now normal service will be restored.

Take care every one


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