Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pot Pourri

Before you can make this natural room fragrance you have to collect together all manner of plant materials to bulk out the pot pourri and to scent it. Some of the items that are useful are:

Basil leaves


Clove pinks petals (also known as the Gillyflower)

Rose petals

Scented Geranium petals

Lavender Leaves and flowers

Rosemary leaves

Strawberry leaves

Marjoram leaves

Tansy leaves

Chammomile flowers

Angelica leaves

Lemon balm leaves

Bay leaves

Mint leaves - there are various varieties available such as apple, orange, chocolate, eau de cologne, spearmint

Woodruff leaves

Jasmine flowers

Sweet pea flowers

Pansy flowers


Marigold petals






Larkspur flowers


Hibiscus flowers

Lemon Verbena

Bergamot leaves and flowers

Whole dried flower heads such as dahlia peony rose pinks or rosebuds
To name but a few

Also orange lemon and lime peels dried

So now we have things growing in the garden, once the flowers blossom or we have a splurge of new growth with leaves it is worth collecting and then drying the material collected very carefully for use later on.

Store all items separately to start with because some of the flowers and leaves can be used for teas and tisanes as well as for pot pourri. Go on start collecting now and then we can start doing some mixing and blending as the season progresses.

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