Monday, 22 June 2009

Rosewater and Witch Hazel Toner

This is very refreshing and very simple to make; it is also very cooling. I use this regularly to freshen my skin up.


1/4 pint rosewater
1/4 pint witch hazel

Combine both ingredients in a bottle and shake together - its that simple. If your skin is really oily adding more witch hazel will make it more astringent and suitable for an oily skin. Equally if you have dry skin add more rosewater. if you have exceptionally dry skin add a few drops of glycerine to the mixture this helps balance the ingredients out and makes a very soothing addition.


  1. This sounds so cool and refreshing, I used to use witch hazel on bruises when my children were small but have never done anything this glamorous with it:) Yet!

  2. It really is very cooling - I first came across it many years ago - bought some from Boots think it was one of their own brand bottles and have used it ever since. I perchance came across the recipe by chance and have made my own ever since. My take on this is the glycerine, it gets in every where - I use a couple of drops with royal icing when making a formal cake it keeps the icing from drying out rock hard too quickly; it is also used in home made liqueurs to balance out any harshness created from the spirit and ingredients use and I believe one of its original uses was as an expectorant to soothe and get rid of any nasties on the chest. Now another use!

    Witch hazel is vey healing - its other name is bruise oil and very good to keep in if you knock yourself or have a young tumble tot. Helps to bring the bruising out quickly so that it aids the healing and discolouration that often accompanies bruising.

    I must admit though Rowan I love traditional scents like, rose, lavender, violet etc. So much more feminine. Have a go you won't regret it.
    P.S. If you have any Asian shops close to you its well worth having a look in there to see if they have the Rosewater in store. Its often cheaper from this kind of source as is almond oil, coconut oil etc which are used in home made cosmetics and soaps. I quite frequently frequent our local one as the herbs and spices are a lot cheaper too.

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  4. I was thrilled to find rosewater in the ethnic aisle in tesco for less than a £ and then went to the pharmacy counter and bought some witch hazel. i used to use it after cleansing my face when I was in my teens. My big dilemma now is how to mix the two, hygenically!


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