Thursday, 11 June 2009

T.G. Green Cornishware

I am an avid collector of Cornishware pottery particularly the storage cannisters, which I have slowly been collecting, to eventually go on my pine dressers. I have for the best part bought off ebay, but got ripped off relatively early on in my collecting days by an unscrupulous seller who had used letra set rub on figuring for a pot that I had bought from him which rubbed off as soon as you touched it. You couldn't really tell from the photos although I had at the time thought it was different lettering that had been used - just thought the company had changed their type=print as does happen. So beware if you are buying this much loved familiar pottery if you don't like the look of the lettering don't touch it with a barge pole. I played hell - reported him to ebay but he squirmed and told porky pies and I got that fed up in the end with it but needless to say he was marked from thereon in. Okay I had paid about £15 in the grand scheme of things and it was an old pot with a legitimate stamp on the bottom but it wasn't a named or marked pot - that was the rip off.

Although I will still carry on collecting my cornishware I will be a little more selective about what I go after, but thankfully the company has been saved and they are back in production again.The much loved cornishware range is now available again. Just Google in T G Green or Cornishware and it will link you to the site. The majority of my Cornishware is currently in storage so I am unable to provide any photographs for those not sure of what it is. When I get the camera lead found will see if I have any in the house to photo and add to the post.

I am sure I am not the only one that loves this old favourite. Do any of you out there collect this and what is your favourite and most unusual piece, I would love to hear.



  1. OMG! I love it! I collect the blue & white, I have about 100 pieces and need about 500 more! LOL
    I just bought a bread bin (with the word bread) very hard to find, on ebay and the seller put it in a box to small so it is broken and I am waiting for the seller to send me the insurance info so i can return it to her and get my money back! I know you say that they are back in production, BUT sad to say a company in China purchased it, and they cant keep up with what pieces are needed. I wish they would have kept it in England, it was always my "reason" for needing to go there so I could see the factory, also the pieces in England are so low cost since there are tons of them there, I am in the USA and i am the only one who I know who collects it. If I could I'd send a picture of my collection.

  2. Hi ya. I love it too - started collecting a couple of years ago the idea being that I wanted to fill one of my pine dressers with proper food holding containers and the Cornishware fitted the bill properly. Still got a long way to go. Collecting is on hold at the moment as I am the only one earning at the moment and I have to keep the roof over our heads so to speak. But one day hopefully very soon I will carry on with my passion for the blue and white. Nice to see you pop by hope you will do again.

    Take care

    Pattypan (aka Tricia)


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