Sunday, 12 July 2009

2009.07.12 My Day

Hello everyone I do hope you and yours have had a good weekend.

I have been busy trying to dry the kitchen out this weekend as well as doing normal household chores and also washing, getting it dried outsides without using the tumble drier (trying to save the pennies and the planet. So guess tomorrow night will have a stack of ironing to do.

OH has tried to fix my CD player to my digital stereo system but it looks as though it is going to have to go in to the shop for surgery as the CD player is not playing properly at all, so at least have established what the parameters are in this regard. I had recently bought a CD lens cleaner and also located the instruction book but can you find them when you want them - not a hope. Somewhere safe as usual. They will turn up.

I have also been playing with some knitting. Now I don't consider myself a knitter, I am shall we say work in progress. However the other day I unearthed a load of patterns that I had forgotten about. Some of them I had picked up from a charity shop. And I was browsing as you do and I spotted a tea cosy pattern.

Now to be honest I have had my eye on a similar pattern in our local John Lewis store but they wanted about £10 for it. Now I have quite a bit of odds and sods of wool that I am gradually using up. So I nabbed some of this and started to follow the pattern and I am really chuffed with the way it is coming up. I have chosen an apple green and cream colourway and am nearly through one side (only started late last night)so it may be that If it works out okay be making some for Christmas presents. Its given me all sorts of ideas as to what can and cannot do and to tell you the truth I am actually enjoying playing. I am beginning to wonder if some of the knitting I have done is far too simple for me and that is the reason I am getting bored with it and tend to put it down. Will see how this goes and will hopefully post up some photographs when it is finished. I do like things to look nice.

Some of the odds and sods wool has been used in my crotchet blanket worked in stripes and some of it has been knitted into squares for a throw that is work in progress. I tend to have different things on the go at any one stage, as I cannot always afford to buy the wool am working with or have run out of the filler wool like the cream wool for my striped blanket. But not only that when I come home at night during the week, after concentrating all day long, and after cooking tea etc. sometimes I don't feel like doing very much - and if my hands are really stiff sometimes knitting is a little too much for me.

We have had chicken portions cooked in the oven with onions and garlic, new potatoes, leeks, peas, green beans and cauliflower with loads of gravy. It went down very nicely.

Well its about time the cats were called so I will say goonight and take care of yourselves and I hope this week is good to you.

Catch you all soon.



  1. It's such a nice surprise when you find something you had put away and forgotten about!

  2. Hi Kadeeae nice to hear from you again. I keep being pleasantly surprised by what I do have upstairs and which I had forgotten about. These little finds keep inspiring me and its nice to be all creative again, it seems to be having a knock on effect and ideas keep springing out of nowhere. Am having to write them down on a list because I don't always get the time to play like I want to.

    Take care and thank you for your support



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