Friday, 31 July 2009

Back Home Again

Well its been an interesting week mum had her operation on Monday and was released on Monday evening. I stayed overnight with her on Monday and Tuesday night; she is starting to heal nicely, but I must say it was lovely to spend some quality time with my mum. Needless to say I left OH at home in charge of my moglets - or should I re-phrase that and say moglets in charge of OH! My mild mannered cheeky cats really took the michael - well at least Tyson did - OH could not get him in for his tea and so left him out overnight. Cat was easily locatable as he goes and spends his days in our Greengrocers shop curled up in a basket. Apparently he was extremely grumpy and slept for most of the day - I came home in the evening and went calling him and he came more or less straight to me and let me pick him up, he then proceeded to snuggle up to me moaning and whimpering and was very grateful to receive his tea. I took the precaution of leaving him in so OH did not have a repeat performance. The kits,and the two OAP's were no better, they decided that the dining room was the new brands hatch and were racing around re-organising items along the way. I gather from all accounts that he was pulling his hair out with them. I think he was relieved when I came home, but needless to say they have been extremely good for me. I am now safely back in Bedlam.

Catch you all later


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  1. Glad to hear that your mum's operation went well and that she is recovering nicely.


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