Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Everything Stops for Tea

Getting into the swing of having a go at a tea cozy has abstractly tuned me into a song from my childhood. You know how it is when you get a tune in your head and it keeps playing over and over - well this one is doing that to me at the moment. This is by the original artist Jack Buchanan and the song originally comes from a show "Come Out Of The Pantry" (Goodhart / Hoffman / Sigler) I found this little link where the song is actually sung. It is from a much more gentle age where good old English manners were certainly the norm and not unusual like it is today. I have tried to put the link in but for some reason it isn't taking it. It is on You Tube

I am slightly ecclectic in my choice of music, I think it comes from the fact that my father always played the piano when I was a small child and my Granddad used to play the banjo. It was cheap entertainment and good quality family time as well - even if you couldn't sing too well at least it was a good laugh. Karaoke seems to have taken over from the good old fashioned sing song.

If you want to join in the words are below.

EVERYTHING STOPS FOR TEA Featured in Buchanan's 1935 comedy film, "Come Out Of The Pantry" (Goodhart / Hoffman / Sigler) Jack Buchanan
Every nation in creation has its favourite drink
France is famous for its wine, it's beer in Germany
Turkey has its coffee and they serve it blacker than ink
Russians go for vodka and England loves its tea
Oh, the factories may be roaring
With a boom-a-lacka, zoom-a-lacka, wee
But there isn't any roar when the clock strikes four
Everything stops for tea

Oh, a lawyer in the courtroom
In the middle of an alimony plea
Has to stop and help 'em pour when the clock strikes four
Everything stops for tea

It's a very good English custom
Though the weather be cold or hot
When you need a little pick-up, you'll find a little tea cup
Will always hit the spot
Everything stops for tea

You remember Cleopatra Had a date to meet Mark Anthony at three
When he came an hour late she said "You'll have to wait"
For everything stops for tea

Oh, they may be playing football
And the crowd is yelling "Kill the referee!"
But no matter what the score, when the clock strikes four
Everything stops for tea

Oh, the golfer may be golfing
And is just about to make a hole-in-three
But it always gets them sore when the clock yells "four!"
Everything stops for tea

It's a very good English custom
And a stimulant for the brain
When you feel a little weary, a cup'll make you cheery
And it's cheaper than champagne

Now I know just why Franz Schubert
Didn't finish his unfinished symphony
He might have written more but the clock struck four
And everything stops for tea

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