Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Healing Corner

Let this little flame enter into your heart, soothe your pain and ease your sorrow
May this little flame this violet flame give hope when your heart is heavy
Let it enter the black spots and lifts the shadows
Remember this little light this burning flame glows for your future
But don't forget to live for today Carpe Dieum
Grasp the mantle and live your dreams while the life force is strong
This little flame lights your way so your path is firm and strong
Let its glowing light penetrate your shadows and lift the pain and sadness
Remember you tread lightly in this world and sometimes your strides are long
Let you tread gently gracefully with dignity and grace

For my friend Jackie who has recently gone an operation for cancer and has to undergo chaemotherapy treatment may she be strong.

For Nita and Paul and their loved ones may they find the strength and love to enjoy today, so that they remember today tomorrow.

For those that have passed before us and wait to hold our hands

And my mother who has to see the Anaesthatist tomorrow.

Please feel free to add your prayers and wishes in for those you respect love and hold in esteem. This is for you and those in need.

Group prayer and hugs can help achieve strengh and unity and positivity.

Let us give a group hug to those in need.

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