Tuesday, 21 July 2009

My Day 21.07.09

Well its been a horrible day so far. I sleep with the curtains and latch windows open during the summer months especially when it is warm and balmy weather. But this morning I woke up to a miserable white foggy world where it was absolutely teeming it down with rain. It has been like that ever since just loads and loads of rain. I haven't therefore ventured far and have been attacking the stack of ironing in the bathroom, about half way done. At one point I thought I would run out of coathangers but I have found the secret stash - hidden in other half's wardrobe. Thought was going to have to go out and buy some more - heaven forbid as I thought I had stacks - I just couldn't locate them. Now I know why!

As I am speaking I have my mug of tea to one side and the sun for the first time today is trying to let herself known to the bedraggled human race. But then we need the water, for the crops and to live. It is one thing that we do need - its like buses though when you need one its never there when you don't you get tons come. The cats are very fed up they don't like the wet and keep calling to me as though I can make it go away. Whilst I am ironing I have the radio on for company usually Gold, playing all those songs haven't heard for a long long time. So I am chilling but being productive as well.

Well tea time over for now, at least whilst I am ironing I can let my thoughts wander on what I want to do over the next few weeks or so and do my usual plotting and planning. Its a bit like when I have the jam or chutneys on the go a touch of hubble bubble toil and trouble.

Catch you all later


  1. The weather is pretty awful at the moment isn't it? At least you used the indoor time constructively though, I like ironing and use it as thinking time or to listen to one of my audiotapes Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers and similar. Let's hope for some proper sunny days soon.

  2. Its a good form of on the spot meditation - you can go on automatic pilot and loose yourself in the rythm of the iron going backwards and forwards. Ironing is my own personal discipline but I make sure I do it properly and not skim corners as there is nothing nicer than freshly laundered and iron sheets on the bed and the clean aroma from freshly laundered clothes.


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