Saturday, 25 July 2009

Since my last post

Since I last posted, I have developed a terminally ill computer and am currently posting from a loaned machine. Which I must say is a lot quicker than my old one. I am suitably impressed. I should be getting another one in the next day or two. Sadly Bessie has gone to the big computer blog in the sky and is completely cream crackered. I have been reliably informed (from someone more computer literate than myself) that all my data and recipes, photos etc. can be retrieved. Fingers crossed and toes plaited.
Yesterday evening OH treated us to fish and chips for supper - done in proper beef fat so proper fish and chips. They were lovely but not good for the waistline but very tasty. He was going to have Chinese ribs, and I was going to have smoked haddock with poached egg, so that was put off for tomorrow night's tea.
Today I have finished off all my ironing which has been hanging airing in doorways through the house. I therefore decided to tackle getting it put away on the rail hangers (that have a mind of their own and sink - end up with lop sided rails) and the wardrobes. Still have a load more to find a home for but the bulk of is neatly pressed, aired and sorted. I have also bottome out my bedroom and polished and hoovered and had the windows open all day. It has been a lovely day here very balmy and muggy. I have also sorted the airing cupboard out and sorted out a load of old clothes that I will never wear again for the charity shop. There are three bags full to go round, but OH can take them round on Monday - I don't want to leave them outside as it might rain and they would get ruined.
I have also washed the winter duvet - I cannot get it into the machine but somehow or other OH manages it. It has come up well and once aired properly is to go into the airing cupboard ready for the winter months. I do like to be cosy during the winter.
I am going to change the bed and wash the patchwork quilt tomorrow and then hoover through again and that should be the bedroom done until the run around at the end of the week. I do like things to be nice and clean.
Bathrooms next on the list have plenty of white vinegar and washing soda. Have to scrub all the paintwork down as bathroom gets a bit mildewy around the skirting being as it is an outside wall and the bathroom is downstairs (our downstairs toilet is a little room on the end of the bathroom). I also want to sort out all my essential oils and pot pourri refreshers so I know what I have and haven't got and sort out the surplus bathroom supplies.
Then its the kitchen and the dining room and the lounge and hall. Then the back bedrooms and then the garden - then I might be able to sit down and do some serious playing with my sewing and preserving etc. and I also want to have a go at soapmaking and candle making. I do have a plan of sorts its just I keep going off on tangents.
My mum has to have a small operation on Monday and she is not to be on her own for at least 48 hours after her operation so I am going to stay with her overnight to make sure that she is okay. My brother has just gone on holiday to Italy for a fortnight with his family. Hospital called her in at short notice for a pre-op appointment on Friday and told her they were doing this Monday
Catch you all later


  1. You have been busy, an inspiring sort of post but one I shall have to reread when I come back from a couple of days in London. Hope all goes well with your mum's op tomorrow.

  2. Thank you Rowan hope you have a lovely couple of days - but I bet you will be glad to escape back to the countryside. Working full time I don't always have the time to do things out the way I want to so every so often we have operation house and give everywhere a good bottoming out. Thanks for the best wishes for my mum too.

    Take care and safe journey x


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