Thursday, 9 July 2009

Slithers of Sunlight

Slithers of sunshine through grey black clouds
Spitting rain that lasts for hours
Gentle breezes, gusty gales,
Occasionally it even hails

Golden sunlight gently creeping
Through dell and dale forever seeking
Every nook and cranny thats dark
Opening up the cobwebby parts
Painting a colourful picture in all
Better than steel grey skies so dull

Gentle heat and red hot days
Shimmering gleaming suspended globe in space
Providing heat to nurture growth
Gently spitting, major weeping,
globules of rain pit-pattering, beating
Like a drum, tarum tarum toray

Softly falling, slightly gleaming
Sleet then Snowflakes shimmering light,
Falling quicker, in a dither
Like a feather pillow packed real tight

Slowing fall out, nearly stopping
Leaving virgin snow pristine
Covered pavements, not a foot track
Dustbins wearing fancy hats
Children sledding,calling squealing
Rushing down the slippery ramp

C. Pattypan 2009

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