Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Take a Packet of Puff Pastry

It surprising what you can do with a pack of frozen puff pastry. My mum used to do these for us as children and needless to say that they used to disappear very quickly indeed. We used to have fun decorating them as well.

1 packet frozen puff pastry
6 oz icing sugar sieved to remove any lumps that have formed
a little water to mix
a little pink/red colouring
2 teaspoons of jam
1/4 pint fresh cream lightly whipped
(these are also very good filled with buttercream but extra icing sugar and butter should be allowed for that version)
Few drops of vanilla essence.

Defrost the pastry - (this is important if it has been in the freezer)

Roll pastry out into 2 strips about 3 inches x 12 inches usually at this point I split into about 16 mini strips Place on a damp baking tray and bake in a hot oven for 12 minutes or well risen and cooked. Place on a cooling rack to allow to cool.

Mix up the icing sugar with the water to a reasonably stiff consistency so that it coats rather than dribbles off - if it does this there is too much water/liquid so add a little more icing sugar to stiffen it up add a little colouring until it is the colour you want it to be. Turn over one of the pastry slices and then spoon over the icing.

Spread the remaining slice with jam. Spread on the fresh cream with the vanilla essence over jam. Top with iced pastry slice. Should make approximately 8 mille feuilles.

You can also do a large one of these fill with fresh whipped cream and then add fresh fruit of your choice or a tin of mandarins.

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