Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Welsh Rarebit or Posh Cheese on Toast

This is a dish from my OH's side of the family and keeps in the fridge for quite a while (that is if its not eaten first).


Cheese - preferably cheddar
6 tablespoons of vinegar
mustard powder (enough to make a teaspoon full) or ready made mustard a teaspoonful

Cube half a pound of cheese and put into a small saucepan with 6 tablespoons of
vinegar (may need a little more depending on consistency - i.e. if too thick slacken down with some more vinegar).

Add a teaspoon of mustard powder.

Melt cheese and ingredients together slowly bringing to the boil

can serve straight away from the pan on some toast and then place back under the grill to brown.

Or can be put into a bowl or a jar and left in the fridge until required again. It will last two to three weeks in the fridge - not that it gets that far in our house. Can also be used in toasties with some slice onion. Dependent on the cheese it will either be sliceable/cuttable or it will be grainy and crumbly, and you can use a fork to scrape it up and place on to toast in small pieces.

Enjoy - its a good way of using up cheese that is starting to dry out or that which has been opened too long.

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