Sunday, 16 August 2009

Apricot Cordial

I have never made this before so cannot vouch for what it is like but nothing ventured nothing gained. Just read the recipe and thought it might be something nice and different to have available for the Christmas put down or for when I have friends for dinner. I like to have something different available, and after all its about making use of those ingredients you have to hand.

I can usually locate all the ingredients in the house somewhere.


250g dried apricots coarsley chopped
500 ml/2 1/4 cups dry white wine
Scant 150g/ 1/2 cup clear honey
150ml/2/3 cup of brandy


Steep the Apricots in the wine in a non-rective bowl for 12 hours. Pour the contents of the bowl into a saucepan then bring slowly to simmering point; stir in the honey until dissolved. Remove from the heat cover and leave in a cool place - but not the fridge. Leave for three days sitring occasionally. Strain add the brandy and bottle as normal. Store for at least two or three months before drinking.

Makes about 1.6 litres/7 cups

Don't waste the apricots use in home made vanilla ice cream.


  1. This sounds good ,I will search the word non rective and have a go at this !Have a good day onward!

  2. Non-reactive - ie not metal or aluminium as when you put some ingredients in can cause a reaction which actually spoils the product you are trying to produce. Particularly so with wine-making.

  3. p.s. a glass preserving jar or pyrex bowl covered and in the fridge would be ideal


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